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Pokemon Go iOS App – Download on iPhone & iPad

This is the guide on Pokemon GO App Download for iPhone, iPad. Pokémon GO has taken the whole world by storm and everyone seems to be playing this new augmented reality game.

Not only does it interest people who have a childhood related to Pokemon, but also to a new audience who are still new to the Pokemon world and want to know more about it.

Pokemon GO App Features:

A game like Pokémon GO that went viral within just a week of being launched has to have a lot of amazing features and that is what Nintendo is offering with the game. Take a look at the amazing features that you will find on the Pokemon GO game that you can install using the steps mentioned later in this very same post.

  1. Live your childhood again when you start playing Pokemon GO App.
  2. The game lets you explore new places and see places you didn’t see before.
  3. You can collect rewards by going to Pokéstops and more.
  4. Gym battles are a thing and you can take over a gym by fighting the Pokemon there left by another player.
  5. Find and catch new Pokémon as you go and you can easily evolve them by catching enough of them.
  6. Some rare and interesting Pokémon are yet to be added which is great.
  7. Nintendo is also going to make it possible for people to battle each other.
  8. You will also be able to trade Pokémon, battle them and interact with other Pokémon trainers.
  9. Health benefits are there since you go out and walk long distances.
  10. Walking long distance has its own rewards and you can easily collect them.
  11. You can use things like Incense to attract Pokemon at your location so you can catch them.
  12. Better features are coming out with new updates and you can play Pokémon, your favorite game for a long time.

These were some of the best features of the game and they are going to add more features as the time passes. Right now the game is in very early stages and you can expect better performance and features in the future version.

Pokemon GO App for iPhone, iPad on iOS:

Installing Pokémon GO on iPhone is easy as all you need to do is install from the App Store but what about the countries where it is not available? Take a look at the process here.

  • Open the App Store and look for Pokémon GO. (link)
  • Open the page and tap on Getting and then install it.
  • This is all you need to do if Pokémon GO is available in your country.

But if Pokémon GO App is not available on iOS in your country, then follow the steps below.

  • Open the App Store and scroll down.
  • Tap on Apple ID and log out.
  • Now go to Settings > General > Language & Region > Region > change to United States.
  • Now again search Pokémon GO on the App Store and then tap on the Get button to install it.
  • Choose to create a new Apple ID. Insert the info and tap none in billing information.
  • Make sure you have checked the United States.
  • Verify the email address using the Mail app and then finally go ahead and install the app.

This is all you need to do in order to get Pokemon GO App Download on your iPhone. Let us see what the PC part has to offer.

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